When you choose our services, we assist you in finding the perfect flight and hotel for your budget, comfort, and experience. And, because of our expertise in award travel, you can elect to use either airline or credit card points or miles, or paid travel when booking.

Find out more about our services and what we offer below.



Need to book a flight but are overwhelmed with options? Whether you are using paid travel or award points or miles, let us use our insider expertise to research, find, and book your flights.  And, because we never accept commissions from any airline, we assure you we will find you the flight route that fits your budget perfectly.



Bogged down by too many choices of places to stay?  We search extensively to find you the best hotel in the ideal location that is perfect for your paid or awards travel budget.



Have you heard of award travel, but aren't certain how to begin?  Or do you have award cards, but want to switch to earn more?  In our consultation, we walk you through the best options for your travel needs to help you start earning points for your award travel now.



Overwhelmed by wedding planning? Let us help you ease your stress by planning your honeymoon.  We work with you to find and book your dream getaway, including flights, hotels, excursions, and more!


family vacation package

Looking to plan the perfect getaway for you and your family? Look no further. After a quick consultation, we plan and book your flights, hotels, and activities to make your family vacation one to remember.



Are you looking to book travel for your group or company, but are overwhelmed by options, routes, and accommodations?  Let us help you find, plan, and book for your needs at the best rates.



 Baby J's first airplane ride at 10 weeks old!

Baby J's first airplane ride at 10 weeks old!

We are Adam and Erica Pfleegor, and we are a family-owned travel consulting agency based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  Since we met in 2010, we have traveled the globe together, visiting over 25 countries.  Currently, we are planning our five year wedding anniversary to Thailand, Vietnam, and China!

Today, we are excited to share our love for travel not only with our son, who himself became a world traveler at only 10 weeks old, but also with you.

We started Your Travel Prof with one goal in mind: to help people discover the joy of travel, hassle-free.  Booking travel can be a frustrating and difficult process, but, when you utilize our services, we help you navigate the confusing award and paid travel booking process so that you can enjoy every moment of your travel experience.