We are an internationally-accredited agency with extensive expertise in booking flights and hotels using points and miles.  We deal directly with airlines and hotels so you don't have to. 

Through our services, we help you book travel using your airline or credit card points or miles, paid travel, or a combination of both.  Our sole mission is to find you to perfect award or paid flight or hotel that fits your needs.  In fact, we do not accept commissions from any airline because we are committed to finding the best and most cost-effective route for you.

When booking your trip, we know rules are often complicated and frustrating.  We will communicate directly with the airlines or hotels for you to help you in any situation that arises.


When booking with us, we help with:

  • Selecting the best credit card to earn points
  • Choosing the best credit card, miles or points to use to maximize value
  • Transferring points and miles
  • Finding interesting routes and airlines to fly
  • Choosing the best planes for passenger experience
  • Ensuring the best seats available for your flight
  • Finding alternative airports or routes to save time and money
  • Updating you on flight information and delays
  • Selecting the best rated hotels or car companies


We understand how valuable time is to you.  So, we want to make booking travel easy for you so that you can get where you are going quickly and hassle-free.  Unlike other agencies, we are attentive to your needs and dedicated to finding you the best deals, whether using paid travel, points, or miles.  As a small family-run business, you deal directly with us and are always our priority. Choose Your Travel Prof and travel smarter.