MILES & POINTS consultation

Earning award miles and loyalty points is easy.  Let us help you begin earning those points today.


what are miles and points?

Miles and points are awarded by companies to customers who purchase flight tickets or book hotel rooms that may be used later to pay for flights, hotel rooms, or other travel needs.

Earning miles and points has great benefits.  The miles and points you acquire allows you to travel for less money and to be rewarded with upgrades and perks along the way. 

The goal of reward travel is to make your travel experience more relaxing and enjoyable for less. 



You can earn miles and points by purchasing flights or booking hotel rooms with certain companies.  Those companies will reward you with points and miles you can use later when purchasing or booking with them.

You can also earn miles and points through credit cards.  While some companies have their own credit cards, there are also credit cards that allow you to earn points and miles you can use for any airline or hotel company.

With so many options, finding the perfect credit card for your travel needs can be challenging.



Our goal is to educate you on how the reward travel system works and help you find a credit card that best serves your travel needs. 

The way our consultation works is simple: once you choose our consultation, we send you a survey to fill out that asks you about your travel habits, spending, and goals.  We then analyze your survey and match your goals with the different credit cards available.  Then, we send you our written document that lists out the best options for your goals and schedule a 30-minute phone or video call to discuss our thoughts and answer your questions.