Terms & Conditions of Service

The terms and conditions of service are expressly stated below for Your Travel Prof, the marketed name of The Travel Prof, registered in Davidson County and the State of Tennessee. These terms are automatically accepted and binding upon the agreement and/or purchasing of service between a customer (or “user”, or “you”, or “your”) and Your Travel Prof (or “YTP”, or “our”, or “we”).

1.      Payment

1.1   Payment for services by customer is due prior to rendering of services by Your Travel Prof. This stipulation is because the service purchased is expertise or advice and not the delivery of goods and services including, but not limited to, air travel, hotel accommodations, etc.

1.2   Payment for contracted large group travel or business solutions is billed by invoice following agreement of services and price between the customer and YTP. All invoices are due fifteen (15) days from invoice date and are due in full by the agreed upon payment method.

1.3   The customer provides consent for YTP to use and charge agreed upon amounts, goods, and/or services on customer’s charge, debit, credit card, or other payment method for YTP services and/or third party goods and/or services. All charges must be approved either verbally (by phone or in person) or written (email) by customer prior to YTP charging card unless otherwise/previously directed and/or authorized by customer. This approval can expressly stated or implied by the customer.

1.4   Refunds:

1.4.1        In case of cancellation of all or part of the trip by the customer, no refund is provided from YTP and customer is responsible for change and/or cancellation fees assessed by a third-party.

1.4.2        Due to the nature of finding award space for flights and hotels, no refunds are provided for customers from YTP is any circumstance for award bookings. If a written and agreed upon award is not delivered, a credit for future award travel services will be provided to you from YTP for the exact amount paid for the award service purchased by the customer.

2.      Revision of Terms and Conditions of Service

2.1   These terms and conditions of service can be changed, modified, revised, updated, or eliminated by YTP at any point without notice. Customers are bound to the terms and conditions of service in place on the date of purchase of services.

3.      Privacy

3.1   We have the right to use confidential information provided by customer to complete booking process or reserve travel, excursions, accommodations, and/or any other goods and/or services offered by a third-party. This information, which is subject to our privacy policy, includes, but is not limited to, name, date of birth, address, credit card and/or payment information, loyalty numbers, known travel and redress numbers, online and phone log-in information (such as user names, passwords, security phrases, answers to security questions), etc.

4.      Services

4.1   You may not use our services or advice for any illegal actions as defined by local, state, national, and/or international laws as well as rules, regulations, and/or policies of third-party providers. This includes, but not limited to, deception on credit card applications, the bartering, selling, and/or trading loyalty points and/or miles, etc.

4.2   We do not market or provide services to children under the age of eighteen (18). Minor customers (below age of eighteen) must have services purchased and approved by a legal guardian.

4.3   YTP reserves the right to refuse service to any customer at any time. This refusal includes the discontinuation of services already paid for by the customer.

4.3.1      If YTP elects to discontinue service previously paid for by the customer, a credit for future services will be awarded for the exact amount paid to YTP for the discontinued service.

4.4   All YTP services are provided “as is” without warranty. No express or implied warranty of any kind applies to our services, consulting, or advice.

5.      Liability

5.1   We are not liable, in any circumstance, for costs beyond the exact amount paid by the customer for YTP advice and/or services. This limitation applies regardless whether liability is based on breach of contract, tort, negligence, warranty, strict liability, or any other theory of liability.

5.1.1        The total cumulative liability in connection with this terms and conditions of service is the amount paid by the customer directly to YTP for the service specifically associated with the liability claim.

5.1.2        This limitation of liability applies regardless of the form of action, including if the remedy has failed its essential purpose.

5.1.3        This limitation of liability includes all personal, group, business customers, or any other customer who purchases YTP services.

5.1.4        We are not liable for any changes, errors, mistakes, or others issues outside of our control. This includes, but not limited to, airline schedule and equipment changes, airline and hotel cancelations, delays, or accidents.

5.1.5        This limitation of liability is limited to the YTP website and services. We are not liable for any third-party website, goods, and/or services, including those directly linked on our website. In addition, direct links to third party sites does not equal an endorsement or referral by YTP or any employee of YTP.

5.1.6        Our services fees only cover consulting and expertise and not the delivery of goods and/or services including, but not limited to, air travel, hotel accommodations, rental cars, etc.

Please contact us for any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions of Service.