Flight Review: Delta First Class - Nashville to Seattle


Delta 2886: Nashville (BNA) to Seattle (SEA)

Airbus A319

Seat 2D (1st Class)

September 4th

Depart 7:15am (actual 7:11am)

Arrival 10:15am (actual 9:43am)

My Delta A319 parked at Nashville International Airport (BNA)

My Delta A319 parked at Nashville International Airport (BNA)

Attending a conference in Whistler, BC, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to test out the two nonstop options to the Pacific Northwest from our hometown airport (BNA), Delta and Alaska. Better yet, since it was a fairly long flight to the West coast, I decided to check out the first class offerings from the rival carriers battling it out for supremacy in Seattle. 


Delta's First Class seat on the refreshed A319.

Delta's First Class seat on the refreshed A319.

 Since my employer purchases economy airfare, I had to upgrade the flight using either miles or cash. Fortunately, Delta was offering a paid upgrade for only $139, which I thought was a steal for a flight over schedule for almost 5 hours long. In addition, I was going to have to check a bag so the paid upgrade was a no-brainer. In total, the booking earned me 1,545 redeemable Delta Skymiles (5x the base cost of the ticket) and 2,966 Medallion Qualifying Miles (150% of miles flown for A fare class ticket).  It was quick and easy to book online and was confirmed instantly. I booked the trip using my AMEX Platinum in order to earn 5 points per dollar on all airfare! That's like getting 10% back on every flight purchase. Click here for a sign up bonus of 60,000 points.


After a very long takeoff roll with a fully loaded and gassed A319, I checked out the seatback personal entertainment options as we climbed to our cruising altitude. The captain let us know that due to a light jetstream and smooth air we would have a quicker than normal flight time of only 4 hours 20 minutes. Although many airlines are eliminating the seatback screens to save on weight and fuel, I still enjoy having the option on longer domestic and international flights. Delta's entertainment had about 90 feature films and episodes from about 50 TV shows. Plenty to keep me busy for the earning morning flight.

A light and tasty first class breakfast.

A light and tasty first class breakfast.

Throughout the flight, the flight attendants were attentive and thoughtful and started serving breakfast about one hour after takeoff. Options included oatmeal with fresh fruit or a Tuscan omelet. I opted for the vegetarian option (oatmeal and fruit). Overall, the breakfast was a nice size to hold me over and was relatively fresh and tasty.

About halfway through the flight the flight attendants came around with a snack basket containing cookies, almonds, kind bars, and a few other snacks. They brought the basket around again along with a drink refill and fruit approximately one hour before landing. 

During the morning flight I opted for the internet in order to stay connected and get a bit of work done. The plane featured the new GoGo 2ku internet and it was such a huge improvement over the standard GoGo option. With standard GoGo I regularly find it difficult to accomplish anything more than send a few emails. Photos, videos, or any other media are excruciatingly long to download.

36,000 feet in the air seems like the perfect time to plan your next trip!

36,000 feet in the air seems like the perfect time to plan your next trip!

Between checking out a few TV shows, responding to some emails, and enjoying the always beautiful views at 36,000 feet (Team window seat all the way), the four and half hour flight was coming to an end and we made a steep initial descent into Seattle. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of food, service, and comfort of the A319 first class. Delta exceeded my expectations on this leg of the trip. For only $114 ($139 minus the $25 I would have paid for a checked bag), the upgrade was well worth it for the comfort and nice breakfast.